High Performance Brushless Motors

Compact Structure, High-Efficiency Features, Wide Range of Uses

Brushless Electric Vehicle Hub Motors

Wonderful Performance, Even in The Toughest Conditions

Permanent Magnet Alternators

Slotless Design, High Precision, Wide Range of Power

Electric Vehicle Traction Motors

Reliable and Safe in Motion, High Torque at Start-Up, Low Power Consumption

Medium Speed Brushless Servo Motors

Flexible and Sensitive Control Options, Tailor-made Mechanical Solutions

Motor Drivers

Configurable and Adjustable Sensor Inputs, User Friendly Interface

Motor and Alternator Testing Systems

High Accuracy, Safe and Highly Precise Mechanics, Vibration Eliminated

Our testing systems serve measurement capabilities in a wide range of torque and speed up to 120kW shaft power.



Brushless Electric Vehicle Hub Motors & Electric Vehicle Traction Motors

High-torque and high-reliability are required especially at start-up. We offer several options for various operating speeds at power rates ranging from 0,25kW to 10kW.


High Performance Brushless Motors

The motors we used in the defense industry are subjected to extremely harsh conditions and offer reliable and high performance with a perfect power density in frameless and full-kit options.


Medium Speed Brushless Servo Motors

Our customizable motors up to 3000 rpm speed are the perfect choice for robotic arm, robot vehicle, assembly machine, and belt conveyor applications within extreme conditions.


Permanent Magnet Alternators

By combining an innovative approach with environmental needs, we provide customer-specific developments for renewable energy products such as wind turbines and hydro turbines.


High Performance Brushless Motors

Low noise and vibration, stable quality, small volume, high precision, and quick reaction are capable of providing the required properties for medical applications.