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Who We Are

Aegean Dynamics has a wide range of product development infrastructure and capability independent from speed and power including radial flux brushless direct current motors, axial flux brushless direct current motors, switched reluctance motors, permanent magnet synchronous alternators and driver development studies on brushless direct current motors.


April 2014

September 2015

January 2017

Ege Teknopark

In January 2017, our company moved to the Aegean Technopark Technology Development Zone. Consequently, we entered into the growth stage with brushless servo motor and permanent magnet synchronous alternator applications developed especially for the defense industry.

March 2018

October 2018

August 2019

October 2019

January 2020

May 2020

June 2020

Attracting the attention of a wide range of companies with our progression graphs, Aegean Dynamics Corp. has established an investment partnership with Coeus Innovation Technology. In June 2020, with Coeus Innovation Technology as its investor, Ege Dynamic Inc. has taken another step forward in achieving its goals.

September 2020

October 2020


We believe that research and development require sustainability.


Aegean Dynamics, with its experienced engineer staff, offers motor and alternator solutions providing the desired output parameters in line with customer demands.


Modeling of motors, alternators, and various industrial systems in 3D software enables the prediction of problems beforehand and provides insights into complex industrial designs.


Aegean Dynamics perform slot, winding, and mechanical dimension optimizations with excellent precision derived from self-developed parametric solution methods.

In addition to two and three-dimensional electromagnetic solutions; the company infrastructure allows the implementation of detailed thermal and fluid dynamics analysis.


In addition to processes such as dynamic system modeling and analysis for application-specific custom systems and control system design, we also offer designs in electronic control boards that provide system control.

Together with these boards, we offer embedded software and graphical user interface (GUI) solutions in line with customer requirements.


During each design process, the thermal resistance range of the windings and magnets are examined through a local heat transfer and surface temperature analysis.

Computational fluid dynamics programs are applied to determine the temperature distribution and maximum temperature values inside motors/alternators.


Aegean Dynamics started the manufacturing of motors and alternators by first establishing test and quality systems.

Performance tests of the machines produced are carried out along with a detailed report before shipment. Basic quality control processes are valid for all products, and additional quality processes are applied in line with customer requirements.

  • Military : MILSTD810G
  • IEC 60034 / 60349:4
  • NEMA MG 1
  • UL 1004
  • ISO 9001:2008


Aegean Dynamics actively works with Roketsan, FNSS, and TÜBİTAK SAGE in BLDC motors and alternators. Also, we launched a motor development process with ASELSAN, especially within localization processes.  Furthermore, our company develops specific products for various application areas and related companies.