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The conditions of being a pioneering and prevailing company in the sector are quality and customer satisfaction.


The test processes we carry out in our laboratories are the most effective way to find out whether customer requirements are met.


You can reach out the details of our products at any time through our resources!


There are control points at every stage of production in line with the desired quality. Our company provides the necessary support for after-sale installation and maintenance processes. Featured quality details:

  • Precise production
  • Performance
  • Body and shaft strength
  • Different environment applications such as underwater, high temperature, low pressure


Aegean Dynamics offers high-performance test solutions in its laboratories equipped with testing infrastructure that was specifically designed and established for self reliance.

We provide the measurement of sound level vibration and detailed temperature distribution depending on customer demand in addition to power, shaft speed/torque, and efficiency parameters.


Get information about our motors, alternators, and drivers. You can find product specifications, technical drawings, 3D models, and more!

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