750W BLDC/PMSM Motor
750W I 3080 RPM I 2.33 Nm I 48 V

750W BLDC/PMSM Motor
750W I 3080 RPM I 2.33 Nm I 48 V

The square body BLDC/PMSM motors provide sophisticated solutions to complex industrial drive problems and implement them in your application. The robustness and reliability functions of this motor group will give you power in industrial areas where robotics is preferred.

  • Design opportunities for various voltage level between 24V – 48V
  • Design flexibility from 350W to 800W power rates
  • Almost no cogging effect which helps controlling while using gearbox
  • Control options with integrated hall board and encoder
  • Customized torque-speed characteristics
  • Optional coating and mechanical interfaces
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Whether the application is industrial or robotics, our Medium Speed Brushless Servo Motors provide flexible and sensitive control options with tailor-made mechanical solutions. Robust assembly and excellent performance in even though environments will help you in positioning tasks requiring high accuracy.


  • Nominal Voltage: 48V
  • Nominal Speed: 3080rpm
  • Nominal Torque: 2.33Nm
  • Continuous Power: 750W
  • Outer Dimension: 80x80mm
  • Length: 150mm